Better Building Block

$89.99 each




The Better Building Block is an armorer's block that offers you everything you need and always wanted in one simple package.  Unlike most systems on the market that secure receivers with a clam style operation the Better Building Block secures both the upper and lower receiver internally.  This leaves no chance of damaging your finish.  Additionally the blocks are machine cut to exacting tolerances which allow you to place receivers in a 5" vice for building or further machining both vertically and horizontally. With the addition of a Lock block piece the Better Building Block secures both upper and lower allowing no movement and will protect your receiver while testing trigger function.  Lastly, the Better Building Block is made form 6061 Aluminum.  It will last years longer than the plastic systems yet will not damage your receivers.   Upper work, lower work, trigger testing and mill work...its all easily handled with the Better Building Block.  Everything you need in one package.

The Better Building Block.... A Better Way To Build