Why I like ARs (AKA Assualt Rifles)



Boy did I fall behind on these!  Last time I wrote one you could stop at Walmart and get a case of 223 ammo and pmags were less than 20 bucks.  Oh how things have changed.  With all the hype and press going around I thought I would take a minute here and write about ARs.  No not the second ammendment and all the laws that may or may not happen; although yes we do fully support the 2nd ammendment and no we don't think banning guns will do any better than banning murder did.  I wanted to say why I like ARs.


ARs oh how I do like them.  Why is simple.  First off, like anything else in our world they are the latest and greatest.  Do you still watch VHS tapes....pop in your 8 tracks....throw the jiffy pop on the oven burner?  Things have evolved and rifles are no different.  Most of those developments came via the militiary use.  Aha they say its not for you!  But then again if that were true we wouldnt have GPS, bullet proof vests, jeeps and the internet.  All were originally military designs.  But Im getting off track.  I like them because they are the latest as I said.  This means they use the latest materials and the latest upgrades.  The polymer black housing is much ligher than the old wood stocks and take a beating much better.   That would be why you see so much plastic today in motorcycles and cars.  Lighter, stronger faster.   And so it is with a rifle.  This is something I truly appreciate when tracking deer on foot or following varmints in the woods. 

Which brings me to my next point, size.  The AR typically has a 16" barrel making it considerably shorter than a traditional bolt action rifle.  Very handy when moving through brush or woods.  

Another great feature is that fact that you can remove the upper part from the lower.  What does that mean?  It means that I can take a standard AR-15 in 223 and practice at the range all day long with inexpensive 223 ammo and improve my skills for a more ethical hunt then pop two pins to the side and replace the top end with a 300 Blackout and now have a suitable round to hunt deer size game.  All the time invested in practice transfers since it feels like the same gun.  One gun can hunt, protect my home and chase down varmints as well as make for one fun day at the range.  No other rifle can claim that!

My final point is really the key to ARs for me and was the spark for Average Gun Guy.  They are completely modular.  With standard bolt rifles you get what you get for the most part.  Yes you can go buy a new stock and make some modifications but gunsmithing skills are often required.  The AR brings just about any part into the world of an average gun owner and options are limitless.  That spark for Average Gun Guy?  That occured when our co founder; my wife Sheri; wanted a hunting rilfe.  She needed a shorter length of pull (distance between buttstock and trigger) and therefore was limited to youth models.  That meant the off the shelf models were very limited or we had to buy a high end wood stock and have it modified for LOP.  Then out of luck she was at a shoot with the Diva WOW club and tried an AR.  She LOVED it and the idea was born.  You see with the AR platform she can adjust the stock to the length she wants and I can adjust mine.  No tools not fuss.  She wants a different optic, grip,light, laser, sights, handguard, whatever its an easy swap.  Thank you modular design and picatiny rails! That is my favorite part of ARs, we all get what we want!


So, do they look like militray rifles?  Yeah they still have some of those genes left.  Is that a bad thing?  Well you are reading this on a 3rd cousin of military technology....the internet.  You tell me, whats not to like about the AR?


Average Gun Guy