Podcasts Worth Checking Out


Here are some podcasts that are definately worth a listen.  These are ones that I listen to regularly.  You can either search for the title in iTunes if you have it or click the link to go to the page and listen


Down Range Radio

Podcast by Micael Bane.  Great info, amusing stories and great insight into concealed carry.  Be sure to check out the forums and the rest of his site.


Gun Talk

Podcast by Tom Gresham.  A 3 hour show that airs every Sunday.  Lots of callers and lots of great info.


The Urban Shooter

Podcast by Kenn Blanchard (aka Black Man with a Gun).  Some really interesting views on this one.  Kenn is a preacher and a gun advocate so you can imagine some of the podcasts can really get you thinking.  One of my all time favorites is episode 186 Christianity and Guns (you will need to scroll down a bit).  Definately worth a listen!


NRA News

This link contains links to the two daily podcasts from NRA News.  The Daily News is a shorter podcast highlighting the top stories of the day.  Cam and Company is a longer talk show format with guests and good information.