Who is Average Gun Guy?


Average Gun Guy is a family owned business in North Texas.  Coming from blue collar families our founding principles for Average Gun Guy are simple.  We strive to offer quality products at a price that the average person finds reasonable and can afford.  In addition, through our website we offer a community where you can feel comfortable to come for information, a good laugh or ask a question.  

Every company we parter with  is an American company and many are small businesses as well.  When you support Average Gun Guy you are supporting your friends and neighbours and putting your hard earned money back into your home. 


Our Founder and CEO has been an Average Gun Guy and firearms nut for several years now.  Bryan discovered the gun bug later in life but is making up for lost time!  His wife, Sheri, heads up the product development of our women's products as well as its day to day operations and decisions.  Both are small business owners hoping to bring you a quality product.  We hope to continue Average Gun Guy for many years and pass it on to our children for the next Average Gun generation.


No matter if your a new shooter or old, hunter or plinker, male or female please feel welcome here.  Submit a question, browse our products or find a link.  Above all just be..an Average Gun Guy.


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Founder Average Gun Guy